Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I hot process soap

I hot process my soap. This means that I cook my raw soap in the oven then pour it into a mold to cool. I like to do this because I don't have to wait 4 weeks to use my soap, I can tell right away if my soap is lye heavy or has some other catastrophic flaw, I can use less fragrance per batch and my cleanup is much much quicker than cold processing. I can swirl, marble or layer my soap. I just can't get whispy swirls or sharp details.Here is a video showing my process.


I have finally gotten on the masterbatching band wagon. What is masterbatching you ask? It is weighing out a large quantity of oils for a soap batch that you store and use as needed. In this case, I made up a batch that was 10 times the size of my normal batch. Now all I have to do is turn the spigot and weigh out 1 batch worth of mixed oils. I hated weighing all the seperate oils for each batch anyway so this is a real time/sanity saver.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog. I've been soaping up a storm lately getting ready to go to the Funky Finds Spring Fling as seen here http://funkyfinds.us/springfling.html 25 April 2009 in Ft. Worth. This will be my first craft show and I am very excited getting all kinds of new soapies ready for you to try. Above I have my latest creations, a peppermint salt bar and an orange patchouli bar. COme on out and see me!