Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A heart-felt thanks.

Thanks to all those who came out and made the Urban Street Bazaar a huge success for SylettSoap. The weather held off until about 3 minutes after I finished breaking down. I'm now in high production mode getting ready for the holiday season and a nice special order for a baby shower. If you know of a venue that might be good for SylettSoap, let me know. Thanks bunches!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Etsy Dallas Srping Bash 16 May 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out the the Spring Bash and made it a rousing success. I had a great time and my daughter got a taste of selling and I think she is a natural. We had a great time seeing everyone and talking to the folks who came to our booth. Now it's time to restock the bestsellers. As I find new venues to attend I'll keep you posted here in the blog. For now, come see me in cyberspace at or to buy some of my soap that makes your skin happy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My show set up

Here is my set up from the Funky Finds Show. It was a great show even if it was as hot as an oven inside.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash 16 May 2009

Here is the next venue where I'll be selling. I'm really excited about this one. It's closer to my home and I think the building is air conditioned! Come on out and see what Dallases creative folk have to offer.

Funky FInds Show

Here is my set up for the Funky Finds Spring Fling Art Show. It was great fun but Hot Hot Hot! There were about 3000 folks walking through and I got quite a bit of positive feedback. Everyone was very friendly and there was some great art and talent on display. This was a very well organized affair and I hope it becomes a regular thing!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is it, the product line for SylettSoap. 20 Scents of soap, 2 scents of each body butter & 3 scents of lipbalm. Pfeeew!

Funky Finds Spring Fling, Ft. Worth TX 25 April 09

I'm getting all set up for the Funky Finds Spring Fling Arts & Crafts Show! I've been making labels and products like a madwoman and still have to figure out how to hang my banner for the show. This is an indoor show so I don't have to worry about wind & rain. There is plenty for me to worry about though. This beng my first show, I'm not quite sure what to expect.
But anyway, if you're in North Texas, come on out & see me and all the other funky artists.(perhaps if they use my soap they won't be so funky!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

made my web site!

I just finished my web site. This site is more like a place holder, not a sales page. I'm pretty pleased with it as a first try. I'm sure I'll tweek it in the next few days. But here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I hot process soap

I hot process my soap. This means that I cook my raw soap in the oven then pour it into a mold to cool. I like to do this because I don't have to wait 4 weeks to use my soap, I can tell right away if my soap is lye heavy or has some other catastrophic flaw, I can use less fragrance per batch and my cleanup is much much quicker than cold processing. I can swirl, marble or layer my soap. I just can't get whispy swirls or sharp details.Here is a video showing my process.


I have finally gotten on the masterbatching band wagon. What is masterbatching you ask? It is weighing out a large quantity of oils for a soap batch that you store and use as needed. In this case, I made up a batch that was 10 times the size of my normal batch. Now all I have to do is turn the spigot and weigh out 1 batch worth of mixed oils. I hated weighing all the seperate oils for each batch anyway so this is a real time/sanity saver.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog. I've been soaping up a storm lately getting ready to go to the Funky Finds Spring Fling as seen here 25 April 2009 in Ft. Worth. This will be my first craft show and I am very excited getting all kinds of new soapies ready for you to try. Above I have my latest creations, a peppermint salt bar and an orange patchouli bar. COme on out and see me!